CSR communication: international conference in Madrid & Amsterdam with messagepool in October 2011



Fostering corporate responsibility is one of the most important challenges today. CSR communications is still underestimated and needs to set out guidelines and criteria, exchange best practices and play a key role in the development and consolidation of sound CSR policies.

By hosting two first international congresses, the organisers intend to plant a seed for annual gatherings where corporate communication & PR managers will specifically discuss CSR and its implications.  

messagepool will be partner of both conferences. In Madrid Martina Hoffhaus, managing director of messagepool, will present „The 7 deadly sins of CSR communications“ as part of the panels „ CSR in Day-to-Day Corporate Policy Making and Reporting“. In Amsterdam she will dicuss together with international experts about: „What must be on the agenda for CSR in research and practice in 2012“ nachgehen.


5th to the 7th of October, 2011

Madrid: 1st European Congress on CSR Communication, Madrid.



The congress goals are:

a) To gather experts and top executives in CSR Communication from around the EU-27 and provide ground for their exchange of views and best practices.

b) To strengthen co-operation among PR & Communication directors and experts, and to make this a permanent forum in the particular field of Corporate Responsibility.

c) To stress the need for a sound CSR policy in corporations, and the vital importance of its connection with Corporate PR & Communication.




26. – 28. Oktober 2011

Amsterdam: CSR Communication Conference, Greenwashing and Reputation



With the increasing institutionalization of CSR to corporations, corporate communication on CSR is getting more and more important as well. In our connected world, however, NGOs, consumers and other stakeholders are becoming more informed, influential and critical. Despite corporations’ true commitment and efforts to reduce their waste, limit their energy use and carbon footprint, many organizations have been accused of “greenwashing”.

This dilemma of how to communicate CSR is the theme of a unique event in the vibrating and historical city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands: The first international CSR Communication Conference

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