Sustainability Reports/CSR-Reports


In times of a globalisation, companies have to prove their legitimacy more than ever and need to justify their actions. By credibly giving account for social, ecological and societal relevant aspects, you raise your corporate success. Achieve long lasting acceptance and trust from your stakeholders! We offer a one-stop shop for services to our customer. On request, we can call in worldwide correspondents, freelance journalists, photographers, art directors and specialist translators. Hence, messagepool cooperates with market leaders in their respective fields. This is the time for CSR story telling at a high level


We realise for you:

stakeholder analysis | benchmarking | reporting strategy and concept | project management | editing German – English | layout | production | CMS and server administration | multichannel publishing | creative online depiction materiality matrix | chart engine (automatic setup data/facts/tables) | workflow and quality management | marketing of the report | evaluation | translation





GRI_Icon_Kopiemessagepool is registered „organizational stakeholder“ of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). We support the mission of the GRI to develop globally accepted guidelines for sustainability reporting through Multi Stakeholder Processes (MSP) worldwide.